This week we want to devote a Little words to SOS Children, this great organisation helps children all over the world. From BBdone we are committed ourselves with this causes and we want to help this organisation during our crowdfunding campaign. Because of this, we will devote 5% of the benefits obtained during the campaign to this organisation in order to put a grain more for those needed children and babies.

The mission of SOS Children is to build families for children in need, while helping them to shape their own futures and sharing in the development or their communities. The mission of SOS Children is that every child should belong to a family and grow with love, respect, and security. The founder of this organisation had a vision, which was to provide children in need with a mother, a home, brothers and sisters, and a supportive community to grow in.

SOS Children’s Villages creates stable, loving families for orphaned and abandoned children. They provide mothers who give individual attention and guidance to each child until they become an independent adult. They are raising 80,000 children in over 500 villages across 133 countries, including the US. Through our outreach programs they impact the lives of over 1 million people each year.



The very first Village in the U.S.A. was in Broward County, Florida. Located in Coconut Creek, the Florida Village has helped to raise hundreds of children since its inception. Currently, SOS Florida cares for seventy-five children and, in addition to our family homes, has a community centre, counselling offices, an administration centre, and recreational spaces for SOS children and children in the surrounding communities.

In the SOS model, children do not “age out” of care. Instead, they enter transitional programs that help young adults find housing, academic programs, and employment opportunities. Between eighty-five and one hundred percent of SOS children graduate from high school, as compared to fifty percent of foster children in other types of care.

Because of all of this work and effort, we believe in this organisation and we want to help them also, so if you support our campaign you will be someway also supporting the activity carried out by SOS Children.