It is time now to explain how does BBdone work, so you can have a clear idea of the product and the benefits of using it. BBdone is a baby bottle preparer machine that makes the baby bottle automatically by just pressing a button. The main characteristics of this product are:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Works quickly, so you don´t have to wait.
  • It is hygienic, so the health of your baby is secure.

Preparing a bottle with BBdone is very easy because you only have to put the powder milk in the right deposit, then fulfil the water deposit and finally pressing a button the machine begins to work, the water temperature reach the maximum recommended for babies and the machine maintain the water in this temperature and the BBdone dispenses the accurate amount of milk recommended by paediatrics for formula. In less than 30 seconds and few steps, you have the baby bottle prepared.

Imagen 5 BBdone

The main characteristics of BBdone, that makes this a diferent product, are:

  • Software is configured to work with any brand of powder milk in the market, so you can use any of them with BBdone.
  • Doses of powder milk are accurate regardless the brand of the milk.
  • The machine heats only the amount of water you need to prepare a bottle and the rest of water of the deposit remain cool, so you don´t generate bacteria.
  • All deposits are isolated of any moisture or bacteria.
  • It has a button that can memorize the dose; if you let your baby to any caregiver, they only have to press a button.
  • The total amount of powder milk in the deposit if 28 oz.
  • The capacity of the water deposit is 2 litres.
  • The machine estimate the perfect temperature (98ºF) although you can graduate temperature in range of 93ºF to 104ºF.
  • You can regulate the tray to any dimension of the bottle.
  • In less than 30 seconds, you can have your standard bottle made.
  • After a few seconds of inactivity the machine switches off automatically so you can save energy at home.
  • Includes a LED light that allows you to prepare a bottle without switching on lights at home, so you can even take it to your nightstand.
  • To prepare a bottle you only need to choose the dose and the desire temperature, press the OK button and in less than 30 seconds you will have a smooth bottle.

You can graduate the tray and the nozzle is very easy to clean. All the BBdone´s components have been conceived to easy cleaning and smooth functioning. It is not noisy and integrates very well in any kitchen because of the dimensions and design.