BBdone is working hard to promote the crowdfunding campaign of this baby bottle preparer machine. We are very proud of this product because to develop the machine, we have spent many years of research and we have applied last technologies to obtain the best results in the baby bottle preparation. This product have many properties that make this a different baby bottle preparer.

We want you to benefit from some special conditions. If you trust us and support our project in the crowdfunding campaign, we have prepared lot of gifts and products that you would love. Here we want to present you some of the opportunities you will get if you give us a donation or book any reward:

  • Receiving any donation from you since $5 we will give you our most sincere grateful in our web page.
  • If you contribute with $10-$20-$30 you will be part of our BBdone Friends Club and according to your contribution you will receive offers, news, promotions, information and even participate in raffles of surprising gifts.
  • We will send you our special edition T-shirt; we have it for men and for women, with funny designs made especially for the crowdfunding campaign in a limited edition. You can choose the white or blue one and decide if your feel more casual or classic.
  • Having a coffee in the morning while the BBdone prepares the bottle for your baby is possible if you contribute in the campaign with $40.
  • Have a look at this crowdfunding page to see all the possibilities.



There are lot of possible rewards to choose from and of course, if you book a BBdone you will be buying an innovative product in the feeding products for babies industry at a unique price. If this dream became a reality, don´t miss the opportunity of having your BBdone now, in special conditions.

BBdone also is committed with those children that doesn´t have opportunities to have a family and a good way of life. Therefore, if you contribute with our crowdfunding and we reach more than our objective we will give 5% of the benefits to the SOS Children organisation.

BBdone is the perfect present for your pregnancy friend, sister, daughter or any relative and a perfect appliance to have it your kitchen if you are a great family and have more than two children. If you are a nursery or a place where you need to attend lot of babies at the same time, BBdone is a great solution for your business.