BBdone is an innovative product created to help those parents and babies in places where breastfeeding is not possible. This small appliance provides the perfect solutions to prepare baby bottles in a quick way and very accurately. There are places where the number of bottles that became prepared each day is very high, we refer to kindergartens, hospitals, big families. In places where breastfeeding is not possible for several reasons is necessary to provide a solution to meet the needs of babies and caregivers.

BBdone is born like a new tool for those caregivers that need to devote time to many babies and have to attend all their needs. Nowadays, many mothers have to work and have to leave their baby in the kindergarten. BBdone is a perfect tool for this places because is a machine that prepares baby bottles in less than 60 seconds. You can also program the next bottle so that is possible to provide feeding to different babies in a time.

Hospitals are also places where sometimes is necessary to provide bottle-feeding to many babies and where professionals have to devote time to the health of babies. Therefore, this baby bottle preparer can prepare bottles at the perfect temperature and in perfect hygienic conditions. These are all values that made this a perfect complement in these establishments.