Having a newborn implies lot of responsibility and many question about task like feeding, sleeping or growing. Although breastfeeding is the best option for your baby not all mothers are able to do it for different reasons. However, if it is your case don´t worry because today infant formulas have the best ingredients and nutrients so you can trust in this alternative.

We would like to give you some important tips about how to manage and prepare the formula for your baby reducing any risk for their health. One of the first questions usually mothers have regarding this, is the right amount of formula they must use for the bottle. It´s very important to mix it in the proper ration of formula to water to make sure that your baby is getting just the right amount of nutrients.

Consider that your baby has not yet developed properly the immunity system, so you have to be care about the germs so is very important and useful to control the expiration date of the bottle and the conservation properties. If you have opened, a formula can or bottle try to preserve it as much as a month, so you can certify that the properties of milk remain in perfect conditions.

Then you have to consider some fact when preparing your bottle and you must be conscious and devote the necessary time to this task even if your baby is crying. So bear in mind the following:

  • Wash your hands before beginning the process.
  • Sterilize the baby bottle before pouring the milk inside.
  • Heat the water to the exact temperature, in this aspect if preferable to use mineral water and to heat up to 37 degrees. If you use not mineral water, you will have to boil water first.
  • Follow the instructions of the formula for the preparation. It is very important to include the exact amount of powder milk, cereals and water to obtain the perfect bottle for your baby.
  • Prepare just the amount of milk your baby will need because is not recommended to frozen the milk once prepared or use it for more than 24 hours since the moment of preparation.

These are some tips you may follow but of course you need to use your common sense and if you notice any problem with water, milk, cereal or any product you have to communicate with an expert and surely you´ll find the best solutions for your problem.

So feel happy giving formula bottle to your baby, what your baby need mainly is be near of you.